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Turn-based battle with a twist

Just one thing is certain in this world—your journey will be filled with danger. You’ll need both strength and strategy to survive.

Boost your chances

The Boost system adds a new level of strategy to the game’s traditional turn-based battles. As you and your party fight, you’ll gain one Boost Point per round—up to a maximum of five. You can then use your points to enhance a character’s actions during his or her turn.

Use your points right away or save them up for a massive attack or healing spell just when you need it most.

Break through your enemies’ defenses

All enemies have at least one vulnerability — a weapon type or element — that can be revealed during battle. By exploiting these weaknesses, you can reduce their Shield Points down to zero. That’s when the enemy enters a Break state, during which they’re vulnerable and can’t attack. Hit them hard while they’re down!

Make use of your talents

Each character has a unique talent based on his or her job to use in battle or on the road. For example, Cyrus can study an enemy to understand its vulnerability, while H’aanit can capture beasts to unleash in battle.

Get a second job

Your characters start with a primary job, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn another! You can customize your characters by giving them secondary jobs once you obtain them at special shrines across Orsterra. Mix and match jobs to form the perfect party!

Build up your skills

Do well in battle and you’ll earn Job Points, which you can spend to unlock new skills for each character in any order. Start with basic moves that you’ll be able to use frequently, or go straight for the seriously powerful (but more draining) stuff. You can build your characters to suit your play style!