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Welcome to Orsterra

Step into the roles of eight different travelers as you explore and battle your way across this expansive realm.

Choose your character and focus on his or her story, or delve into each of the seven other characters’ tales as you meet them on your journey. Add the other travelers to your party or go it alone—the choice is yours.

Start exploring

Discover a wide variety of regions, each rendered in stunning “HD-2D” visuals. Each traveler starts in a different land, so you can steer your own journey across the realm.

Which path will you take?

Each character has a distinct ability related to their job called a Path Action. These Path Actions can be grouped into two categories: Rogue and Noble.

Most scenarios and side stories can be solved in a few different ways, so consider your party’s abilities carefully. Will you stick to the straight and narrow or take a riskier route? Your decisions will shape your path.

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